Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Final Photo Critique


1.  This photo was taken by Kris Musser. His settings are ISO 80 focal length 4mm f/3.1 1/1250s. I really like the teal water and the blue sky. I would suggest maybe working on making the horizon a little straighter. I believe his settings are a little off, I don't think that the time needed to be as fast as 1/1250 seconds and a f-stop of closer to 8 would have included more detail of the peaks in the background. This photo makes me want to travel and hike to wherever Kris took this image because he makes this lake look very inviting, even with the snow covered rocks.

2. This photo was taken by Katie in Yellowstone. Her settings were f 5.6 1/60 sec ISO 200 47mm. I believe this picture turned out really great with the vivid colors of the Bison and of the rolling hills in the background. There has been a lot of Bison pictures out there but this one is very interesting with the composition of the Bison and the background. In my opinion her settings were spot on and I would not have changed anything about the settings. Looking closely the face could be a little bit more in focus but I believe that this would take away some of the detail in the background of this picture which I think is the reason this picture is such a strong picture.
3. This photo was also taken by Katie in Yellowstone at Liberty Cap. This is one of my favorite images I have seen so far. I really enjoy the amount of stars in the sky and the fact that the Liberty Cap is still in color and visible. Her settings were  f 3.5 30 sec ISO 3200 20mm. These settings were spot on. There isn't anything I would do differently. I love that the milky way starts to appear in the sky as well as the green in the foreground. I would love to try to replicate this picture because I just find it absolutely fantastic.
4. This photo was taken by Kyler. I really wish I could see his settings but because it was taken by an iPhone but I really like this photo. I like the black and white in this picture because it's something different than most ocean and palm tree pictures. I think this photo would be really incredible if it was taken on a normal camera instead of the iPhone. I think that if he would have brought all of the tree on the left into the picture it would look a little bit better because he wouldn't have half of a picture. But overall I really like this picture and I would hang it on my wall.
5. This photo was taken my Tiffanie Pope with the settings of  f/5.3 1/1250sec. ISO-100 42mm on a Motorola cell phone. I was very shocked to see that this picture was taken on a cell phone because it is very clear. I really like the pops of red that come into the picture through the branches. I think that the shutter speed is slightly high but other than that the settings are really good. I think that it is an interesting photo and I like the icicles on the tree.
6. This photo was taken by Nancy Robinson. I really enjoy the colors in this sunset and the way that the clouds look like birds. Her settings were ISO: 100, Focal Length: 55mm, f/8.0, 1/25s. I really like that she darkened the foreground to bring the attention to the colors of the sky. The settings seemed decent but they could be tweaked a little bit to bring the best out of the sunset.
7. This photo was taken by Alicia Cadrette. I really like this picture. I tried to do something similar but mine did not turn out nearly as well as hers. Her settings were ISO 1000, F7.1 and 1/1999s. Exposure Time: 1 / 1999. I think that these settings worked really well for her. The F7.1 gave her a large depth of field which makes the drops in the background more in focus. I also like the color of the rock compared to the color of the mud spewing out of the thermal feature. I love that her fast shutter speed stopped the splashing in mid splash making the droplets very clear.
8. This photo was taken by Cole Broadus. I really like the idea behind this picture. I have seen a few pictures done like this and find them really interesting. I think that it would have been neat if the black ring of the spotting scope was visible throughout the whole image and not just in 3 corners but instead in 4. His settings were 18mm-55mm lens, No Flash, Focal Length 33mm, ISO 400, f/4.5, 1/60sec. The image quality could be upped a little bit but I think that part of the clarity is lost in the ISO 400. Maybe if he were to have gone down to about a ISO 200 it wouldn't have taken away the clarity of the picture. Overall I think this is a good thing to try and I really like the attempt at using the spotting scope to take a closer shot.
9. This photo was taken by Richard Umfleet. I really like the vertical take on this picture. Normally landscape images are in horizontal so I like that this one is different. Also, the sun coming across the peaks of the mountain create a really interesting detail in the peaks. His settings were f/11, ISO-100, 75mm, 1/90sec. I think that his settings in this picture were very good making it the best it could be. I think that it was the correct aperture and shutter speed.

10. This photo was taken by Kacie Stone. I really love the colors in this photo with the silhouette of the tree in the corner. I think that the pinks and blues in this image make it a very powerful picture and her choice to keep the tree in the bottom corner makes it even more interesting. Her settings were ISO: -200, Focal length: 18mm, EXP: 1/90, APT: 4.52. I really think her settings worked out well for her and I think this is a great image.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Final 30 Photos

All photos were taken with a Canon Powershot SX40 unless otherwise noted
ISO 200 16.691mm F5.0 1/160sec

ISO200 14.229mm F5.0 1/250sec

ISO200 7.51mm F4.5 1/640sec

 ISO200 104.517mm F5.6 1/125sec
 ISO320 88.759 F5.6 1/125sec
 ISO100 21.757mm F5.0 1/100sec
 ISO100 7.93mm F4.5 1/500sec
 ISO64 4.12mm F2.4 1/1000sec
 ISO100 45.443mm F5.0 1/400sec
 ISO100 4.3mm F4.0 1/1000 sec
 ISO100 10.07mm F4.5 1/400sec
 ISO100 4.3mm F4.5 1/640sec
 ISO100 43.891mm F5.0 1/200
 ISO500 150.5mm F5.8 1/200sec
 ISO 320 31.461mm F4.5 1/1000sec
 ISO100 150.5mm F5.8 1/80sec
 ISO100 6.73mm F3.5 1/400sec
 ISO100 6.38mm F4.0 1/250sec
 ISO400 91.547mm F8.0 1/200sec
 ISO100 4.3mm F4.0 1/800sec
 ISO400 32.575mm F4.5 1/1600sec
 ISO 400 144.622mm F5.8 1/00sec
 ISO100 7.74mm F3.5 1/1000sec
 ISO125 16.448mm F4.0 1/125sec

 ISO250 63.042mm F5.0 1/100sec
 ISO200 7.32mm F4.5 1/160sec
 ISO100 150.5mm F5.8 1/60sec
 ISO100 22.95mm F5.6 1/80sec
ISO100 6.97mm F4.5 1/640sec
ISO100 4.3mm F8.0 1/13sec

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Image critique

1. I really like the way the fog is falling down over the trees because it makes it look like a waterfall. The colors are interesting but the white in the fog looks a little too bright in a few spots. Also the horizon is crooked which really bothers me. But the image is really interesting and it leaves me wanting to know what happened and I want to know more about the time when it happened.

2. This picture is not my favorite. The detail in the rock is neat and I like how the blurred rest of the image accentuates the fact that there is much detail in the rock but I don't like that it is really blurred. I think that if it had less of a blur it would make it much more interesting. It wouldn't be as much of hey look right here. If the image is strong enough to begin with it will draw the eye to the subject anyways.

3. I really like this view of the squirrel but if it was a better animal it would be a lot more interesting. I have a hard time getting a squirrel in action though so this is definitely better than my picture with the squirrel just sitting in the tree. I like the clarity of the face and hands but I think I would have liked to see more clarity with the tail also.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I took this on my Yellowstone trip. I really wish we were on the other side of him to be able to get a face shot of him but I really like this picture because you can tell the majestic quality of this bull. My settings were ISO 100 f5.8 TV-1/80. The colors were very bland so I decided that I liked the black and white better than the color.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I took this picture while we were in Yellowstone. I really liked the steam coming of of the water while the sun was coming up. I also liked the silhoette of the trees against the sky. If I could do this again I would try and use a filter to add more color from the sky because this looks very dull compared to the real life sight of the sky.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

This photo isn't a nature photo but I really enjoy this picture and think that elements of it can be used in nature photography. I really like the silhouette of the trees and the skiier and I think the backlighting can be something to think about when photographing something of this effect in Nature not just in a sports setting.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I took this this summer while working out a lake that gets lot of thunderstorms. I really enjoyed watching the different clouds that come over the lake trying to decide what type of storm was going to come out of that. Hail, lightning, heavy rain, etc. There was a few very severe storms that I wished I took pictures of. But this is one that I really enjoyed.